Buchan School of Reiki Courses

All courses at The Buchan School of Reiki are facilitated by Linda Black, a Usui & Karuna experienced Reiki Master Teacher who on all Reiki courses offers a free follow up session to ensure the student is confident in providing Reiki.

Reiki One and Reiki Two Practitioner Level

Reiki One Courses are the initiation into Reiki Healing Therapy.  They include four attunements and the necessary teachings to allow you to self heal and to use Reiki on family and friends.  There is a minimum of three months before a Reiki two course can be taken.

Next Reiki 1 Course

Saturday 19 January 9.30 - 17.00

The Reiki Two courses include two attunements to make your Reiki energy stronger.  It also teaches you the use of three Reiki symbols and covers the necessary teachings to offer Reiki to the general public and become a Reiki Practitioner.

Next Reiki 2 Course  

Saturday  26 January 9.30 - 17.00

Advanced Courses - 3a -3b -Reiki Master and Karuna Practitioner

The 3a  course gives you more attunements to make your Reiki stronger and includes the use of the Reiki Master Symbol and further teachings in the use of Reiki.  This course  gives you Master Practitioner status and can be used as a stepping stone to Reiki Master Teacher Level. Master Teacher level gives a further attunement and the necessary information to allow you to complete student attunements and teach Reiki competently.  The Master Teacher course can be a follow up of 3a or done on its own without completing 3a. 

The Karuna Reiki Practitioners course gives you a further eight Reiki symbols to work with allowing you to use different energies.   It is only suitable for students who are Reiki Master Practitioners or Master Teachers who wish Reiki courses in Peterhead.  

Next Karuna Reiki 1 & 2 Course Saturday & Sunday - 

9th & 10 February

Next 3a Reiki Courses -  By arrangement

Master Teacher 3b Courses by arrangement